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About DCT

The Diabetes Care Trust (DCT) was set up in 2010 to support the work of specialists in their care for people with diabetes.

The sort of help that we provide is directed at the practical things that diabetes specialists do to improve the life of those with diabetes, particularly with regard to the knowledge they need to look after their own condition and to the safety and effectiveness of their treatment. The charitable objectives of DCT also involve advancing the knowledge of the public in all matters relating to diabetes mellitus and diabetes care. The DCT supports projects which are in line with its aims as a charity. 

Gang of Three

The three founders of the DCT, Dr Richard Greenwood, Professor John Wales, and Professor Ken Shaw , (L to R).

The DCT has a close relationship with the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (Diabetes Care) Limited and we oversee their important work in delivering professional education and public awareness programmes as well as in initiating and supervising clinical research and audit studies in diabetes. The ABCD also represents diabetologists in national health decision-making when people with diabetes are affected and it is committed to the preservation and support of specialist diabetes care services, including the education and the professional development of specialists and specialists in training for careers in diabetes.  Other ways in which ABCD fulfils its role are by supporting clinical diabetologists in dealing with management issues as they apply to the provision of specialist diabetes and by providing mentoring services for young consultants.  The Association also has the objective of achieving effective integration between primary and secondary care providers because it is no longer possible, or indeed appropriate, for hospital-based services to provide universal comprehensive care to all with diabetes.

It can be seen that the members of ABCD are an enormous resource of expertise in all matters relating to diabetes care in the local and national scene and they support the aims of the DCT by taking part as trustees on the charity’s Board and by giving practical help in achieving our charitable objectives whenever asked.